Independent Transportation, Traffic and Planning Advisors

Modern cities are increasingly viewing intelligent transport systems technology as an integral part of solutions to managing the competing interests of personal mobility, public amenity and environmental sustainability. Whether it’s traffic management systems, real time traveller information systems, priority and pre-emption systems or environmental and facilities monitoring systems MRCagney has a proven record in its planning, design, procurement and project management.

We also have unique skills and experience in fleet management at both the strategic planning and operational levels. From research studies and technical evaluations of current and emerging vehicle technologies and design trends to tender documentation and procurement management and ongoing fleet management advice, MRCagney is able to provide the complete service.


Service Service Description
Intelligent transport systems planning design and project management From concept to detail design to project managing the installation and commissioning of:
  • Traffic management systems
  • Real time traveller information systems
  • Priority and pre-emption systems
  • Environmental and facilities monitoring systems
Fleet strategy and management advice Management advice and technical support relating to:
  • Fleet replacement planning
  • Maintenance and repair facility planning and design
  • Service and maintenance planning
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Operational reviews
Tender preparation, evaluation and procurement management Project management services to assist with or undertake:
  • Pre-market surveys and identifying appropriate procurement strategies
  • Drafting of technical specifications
  • Development of evaluation and scoring plans and assessment of tender responses
  • Project management of awarded contracts or provision of purchasers’ independent technical representative services
Research studies and technical evaluations Undertaking or leading research studies into:
  • Emerging technologies
  • Fuels and emissions
  • Impacts of changing economic and environmental conditions
  • Impacts of and submissions relating to government policy and legislative changes
Technical investigations (forensics) Detailed technical investigations that:
  • Inform why systems, components, or technologies failed or performed adversely
  • Identify solutions and recommend corrective actions
Vehicle technology and design Management advice and technical support to:
  • Assist fleet operators in choosing the right vehicle
  • Leverage efficiencies from appropriate technologies
  • Meet compliance obligations




MRCagney is a Local Buy Preferred Supplier, for Traffic Control (Signals and Software), in Queensland.