Independent Transportation, Traffic and Planning Advisors

MRCagney understands that development of a sustainable transport system that facilitates the safe and efficient movement of people and goods is essential for the growth of a modern and prosperous city.

The firm offers a range of transport and traffic engineering services focused on developing safe and efficient transport systems. Whether developing strategic transport models to guide authorities with planning a city or undertaking detailed assessment of individual developments, clients have access to an experienced team of engineers, modellers, designers and technicians with the skill and expertise to respond to all the transport and traffic challenges of a rapidly changing and expanding city.


Service Service Description
Traffic impact assessment of developments (TIA)
  • Design review to satisfy design standards, regulatory planning schemes and best practice traffic engineering.
  • Preparation of impact assessment reports including the use of SIDRA, Transyt, VISUM, VISSIM, and AutoTURN.
  • Expert witness services for mediations and appeals.
Transport policy
  • Formulation of innovative strategic transport policies to support a sustainable transport system, from concept initiation through to implementation and evaluation.
Transport system planning and modelling
  • Development of operational performance requirements and design elements of a transport system necessary to achieve desirable environmental outcomes for a city, major centre or unique precinct.
  • Strategic and traffic simulation modelling of design scenarios, including signal coordination assessment.
Transport economics
  • Detailed assessment and appraisal of transport infrastructure projects and technological applications designed to determine the economic benefits.
Freight management and logistics
  • Identification and assessment of strategies to improve logistical operations including the assessment of the impact of strategic business expansion options.
Road safety investigations and audits
  • Road safety investigations and audits for design, construction and operation of transport infrastructure.
Traffic incident management
  • Advice on the effective planning and implementation of incident response and management policies and strategies.
  • Development of incident management action plans.
  • Traffic incident analysis and reporting.
Major events traffic management planning
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of traffic management plans for major cultural or sporting events and construction projects including gaining relevant approvals.