Independent Transportation, Traffic and Planning Advisors

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Government and private organisations are quickly realising that building and operating functional modern cities requires much more than an infrastructure view in this rapidly changing world. There is a heightened realisation that it is people, capability and knowledge that underpin the effective and efficient operation of new and existing infrastructure and that professional implementation support is the key to delivering exceptional project outcomes. MRCagney provides total operations support to the ‘builders’ of modern cities from our ‘business improvement’ practice. While builders may ‘build’ we are able to ensure that operations are properly designed and implemented.

Our business improvement practice can assist with all of the issues of operational readiness including strategy development, implementation support, human resource management, change management and project management.

For existing operations we are able to assist organisations to rapidly adapt their strategy, functions, capability and processes to the complexity of the world environment.


Service Service Description
Institutional reform
  • Improvements in governance and city planning underpinned by institutional reform services which include business restructure, rightsizing, organisational review, capability gap analysis and strategic alignment.
Organisational reviews and process re-engineering
  • Identification of the structure, personnel, positions, functions and tasks that best deliver the capability to achieve the organisational goals and vision. Design, documention and establishment of best practice processes.
Knowledge management architecture
  • Design and implementation of the knowledge framework underpinning the organisation’s strategy including knowledge definition, form, creation, access, sharing, leverage, storage and intellectual property protection so that employees of the organisation are able to access and apply knowledge to improve competitive position.
Facilitation – change management
  • Design of ‘better’ change including establishment of staff ‘buy in’ through development of communication and change processes underpinning organisational improvement strategies.
Business and strategic planning
  • Development of organisational strategy from vision and goal setting through to detailed action planning. Provision of high level facilitation, environmental scanning and executive workshops.
Operational and technical advice
  • Provision of advice in relation to HR, IR, organisational development, training design, change and strategy as well as specific transport industry advice.
Human resource management
  • All aspects of HR management and organisational development including recruitment, selection, performance management, rightsizing, HR and learning and development strategy creation, succession planning and KPI balanced scorecard development.
Project management
  • Management of projects including scoping, facilitation and templating of the project phases, deliverables, activities and timelines and utilisation of the PMBOK project methodology.
Learning and development – including training video production
  • Advanced program and module instructional design and implementation services, web-based learning, curriculum development and delivery, including video production.
Implementation support
  • Many business projects require the addition of a variety of unique skills supporting the project implementation including project management, change management, learning and development, process design and documentation and performance management. We become implementation partners for complex product delivery.